Agri-Feed Industries

Denise Matevovsky
For three generations, the Phillips Cattle Company has been efficiently and economically growing cattle and delivering them to market from their base in the Imperial Valley. The experience earned by weathering challenges and taking advantage of both market and scientific opportunities has earned them respect as a survivor in an otherwise tough business. Through these many decades, this family-run business has dedicated itself to fairness, quality and respect for clients and investment partners.

Phillips Cattle Company owes much of its success to the unique qualities of the Imperial Valley. Because of its lack of winter rain or snow and its mild temperatures, the valley turned out to be an ideal place to feed cattle. In addition, the Imperial Valley produced an abundance of by-product feeds sugar beet pulp, citrus pulp, mill run along with locally grown winter wheat. To this day, conversions the pounds of feed required to produce one pound of beef are lower than any other cattle growing region in the world.

Today, Phillips Cattle Company raises stock for itself and for its customers. Their scientifically driven feed formulas are a proven success and sold throughout the Imperial Valley area. The experienced hands at Phillips Cattle Company treat cattle as an investment asset, to be nourished, grown and delivered to market at optimum prices.


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