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Imperial County Board of Supervisors

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The Board of Supervisors is a legislative body for the unincorporated area of Imperial County. There are five 5 Board members whose districts are outlined on the illustrated map. Each Board member is elected every four 4 years terms are staggered by the registered voters within their districts. The Board elects a Chairperson every year, as it deems necessary, from among its members. Any Supervisors seat which becomes vacant during a members four-year term can be filled by appointment by the Governors Office or special election. The Board of Supervisors typically meets every Tuesday, except on holidays or whenever the Board deems it necessary to meet, which may include the continuing of meetings to another date. The Board has the power to contract, accept grants, funds or services from other public or private agencies in connection with any program judged by the Board to be relevant to its function, which does not violate any locatl, state, or federal laws. The Board of Supervisors is the ultimate decision-making entity with regards to land use permit applications, zone changes, general plan amendments, ordinance revisions, and the adoption of a revised general plan. The Board, acting with the advice of the County Executive Officer, and various Department Heads, may determine the compensation, number and general duties of personnel employed by the County. The Board is authorized to perform other duties and exercise any other powers, which are granted by or, are in compliance with laws of the State of California.