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Non Profit Organizations

Welcome The ARC Imperial Valley is a non profit corporation providing programs and services for individuals with physical and developmental disabilities. Formally established in 1973 by a group of concerned parents, the ARC Imperial Valley is the largest employer of individuals with disabilities in the Imperial Valley....Learn More
Burning Bush International is a 501C3 non-profit corporation established in late 2012. For six years the founders, Jim and Nancie Rhodes, have raise funds for Hope 4 Kids International in support of important causes in Uganda. However, in order to be more effective in raising funds for causes near to their hearts and to be in control of how these funds are allocated, they felt it important to establish this non-profit organization. All operating expenses and travel expenses to Uganda will be paid for by the Board of Directors of Burning Bush. This means that 100 of any donation will go to it...Learn More
Children's Foundation of the Imperial Valley was created for the primary purpose of addressing identified needs regarding the children who live in our Imperial Valley. We are interested in acting as pillars of support to children so that they have the ability to reach their full potential. In this light, we do not recognize borders. Rather, it is our drive to provide solutions to shortcomings. We have an open door policy and welcome input and involvement from anyone wishing to be a shining light to the children who are our focus....Learn More
We are Friends of Kegger. We are a federally recognized, local non-profit organization formed to help provide financial support to families of the Imperial Valley, who may need help for funeral costs and to help parents afford to be with their child when an injury to the child requires relocation for advanced medical support. Friends of Kegger offers to assist in pediatric diabetes and cancer research by donating to organizations involved in the irradication of those terrible diseases. We also provide scholarships for local students. Friends of Kegger believes in transparency. We will try our...Learn More