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Shaved ice is ice that is finely shaved through a blade. Its not chunks of ice. Its not crushed ice. Its not an icee or a slushie. Its, simply put, ice that is shaved - imagine that. I know were really delving into some critical thinking here, but bear with me. The shaved ice allows for the delicious flavoring to really soak in and give it the best consistency around. Not too compact, not too fluffy - in the words of Goldilocks, JUST RIGHT. We Cater parties and do most events. If you have something you would like us to attend feel free to give us a call @ 760-344-5125...Learn More
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Strictly Business Real Estate handles the acquisition or sale of a full range of real estate products including residential, commercial, vacant and agricultural land, distressed and investment properties. We manage the transaction from research to negotiations and shepherding through escrow. We also have a Notary license for greater ease. Our experienced team has a combined 40 plus years handling real estate transactions in the Imperial Valley. Before starting our firm, we worked for well-known real estate firms such as Niel Horne Real Estate and ReMax, as well as handling new home develop...Learn More
Our high-quality interchangeable jewelry and snap jewelry is made from .990 deep silver, not .925 silver. Style Dots jewelry is high quality and with so fun and sophisticated options we have something to go with any outfit....Learn More