At the August 21, 2019 City of Imperial, City Council Meeting, the Council voted to terminate    the 3 year service and agreement contract, which was due to end in June, 2020.

  In 2017, as part of the Chamber's Strategic Plan, one of the goals was to become independent    of the City within 3 years, in order to provide a stronger voice for our members.  While the Chamber was disappointed in the City's decision to not honor the contract to term, the Chamber was not surprised by the actions taken and had planned for this in the 2019-2020 budget.

The Imperial Chamber in the past 2 years has increased it's membership by 150%, increased its overall budget and revenue and is financially solid.

The Chamber's Mission: "To promote and enhance the positive development of all segments of the community, to support the economic stability of the city, and to help businesses prosper and grow" continues to be our focus.

The Chamber continues to offer low or no-cost educational courses for our members, and will be focusing on advocacy, education, networking and providing resources to our members.

Highlight of the past year include:

  • Membership is up by 150%
  • Chamber updated the mission statement, established short and long-term goals, and implemented a five (5) year plan at it’s first Strategic Planning Retreat 
  • New Member Orientation was introduced (Quarterly)
  • Educational courses are provided (3rd Wed/month)
  • Mixers were transformed to MEGA MIXERS (Quarterly)
  • Membership benefits and dues structure was revised
  • Social media reaches over 139K viewers
  • Strong visibility in the community
  • The infrastructure of the Chamber is solid
  • New brand/new hours of operation/new website
  • Podcasts highlighting members was launched
  • Seven (7) Educational Courses 
  • Twelve (12) Ribbon Cutting / Grand Opening Ceremonies
  • Four (4) Networking Mixers
  • Imperial Chamber of Commerce Foundation was established

We appreciate the support of our members and look forward to what the future holds for the Imperial Chamber.

Susan Paradis, Executive Director

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